Internal Audit Awareness Month – Will we always need it?

May was International Internal Audit Awareness month!  This is a worthy cause to market the value that the profession can deliver.   However, it occurs to me that other highly regarded careers don’t have such a campaign.  Have you ever heard of an attorney awareness day, or an engineering awareness month?  I’ve not.

These professions have a higher profile and well understood value proposition to its customers – internal audit is trying to more widely establish itself with its customers and stakeholders: boards, management, organization employees and 3rd parties.

This suggests to me that there’s much work to do to raise the status and perception of the profession with those we serve.   We do this by adding value in areas that matter to them!   I believe these are operational activities that reduce their risk,  makes their lives easier, and allows them to better meet their distinct business objectives.

We do this by engaging and building relationships to gain trust as to what we can do.   So get out there sell yourselves!   Maybe we can reach the point where a formal awareness month will be superfluous, as we are well known, understood, and sought out by our organizations.

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    • " I highly recommend Alan's consulting, internal audit and management capabilities!  He was innovative, results focused, generated meaningful improvements, and a valuable resource that worked well with all parties.   It was a pleasure working with him."        

      — Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer, decentralized services company

    • “Alan worked for our company providing an audit of our department. His participative, non-threatening approach during the interview process, along with his thoroughness, resulted in a successful compilation of data that enabled a list of audit recommendations that were value added and meaningful." Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

      — Director of Purchasing, fast growing services company

    • “Alan has performed many consulting reviews for (us)..., including risk assessments, compliance auditing, and program reviews. He has always come through with the expectations of our contract, and I gladly look to Alan for future assistance. He is a true professional! " Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

      — Associate Vice President & Director, Audit Services of leading higher education organization

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